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Griffin Housing Authority
518 Nine Oaks Drive
Griffin, Georgia 30224
(770) 227-7657



Since 1950, the Housing Authority of the City of Griffin (GHA) has provided safe, decent and affordable rental housing for Griffin Georgia's low-income working and non-working family, elderly and disabled households. We currently operate three properties, totaling 250 units.

Working With and For You
The GHA is a public, non-profit, quasi-governmental authority, chartered by the State of Georgia and funded by U.S. Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Public Housing and Capital Fund Subsidies as well as participant rental income. GHA works closely with HUD, State of Georgia, City of Griffin and local non-profit redevelopment organizations to closely consider Griffin, Georgia's low-income housing needs now and in the future.

The GHA is run by its CEO with fiduciary and policy oversight provided by its city-appointed Board of Commissioners. GHA's Resident Advisory Board ensures that budgeting and policy decisions consider resident feedback and needs. GHA operates independent of local and state government with strong regulatory guidance and review from HUD's Department of Indian and Public Housing.

Serving the Need
Beyond providing affordable housing, GHA's mission includes playing an active role in moving the people it serves toward economic and behavioral self-sufficiency. Recognizing the challenges people face when attempting to break the cycle of poverty, GHA is committed to assisting residents who are ready, willing and able to break the bonds of poverty and governmental assistance.

GHA coordinates and provides access to many local service providers, governmental service agencies and universities and trade schools. Through these partnerships, we provide programs for personal development, job readiness, skill and trade development, computer training, money and credit management, domestic violence prevention, and health services. We also work to provide child care, youth leadership and mentorship, services for the elderly and disabled, and local and national homeownership programs. These are just a few examples of GHA "Serving the Need."

Moving Forward
The Housing Authority of the City of Griffin has operated and been recognized by HUD as a high-performing authority for many years. GHA's housing is better than most public housing in the US today, but the majority of our inventory is over 60 years old, requiring action to address physical and market challenges going forward.

Increased demand for low-income workforce and elderly housing requires public housing authorities nationwide to change and adapt, and GHA is preparing to meet low-income housing needs for another 60 years. GHA's change will include rehabilitation or demolition and redevelopment of our three existing communities. Additionally, GHA will seek new development opportunities through strategic partnerships with HUD and industry experts who understand GHA's commitment to "Serving the Need."